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5/11/10 01:07 am - application

Character Name: Mandee "Triplesix" Moore
PB (if applicable): N/A, but I'm not aware of the real Triplesix's last name.
Character Age: Seventeen.
Grade: Junior.
Livejournal/AIM: triplethesix | TRIPLE MY SIX
Twitter (if you choose to): N/A.
Major (Simply list either The Arts/Academic/Athletic - the rest can be chosen upon acceptance): The Arts.
Boarder or Day Student?: Day Student.

Character Bio: Mandee had it easy from the very beginning. She was born in a small Missouri town, but her parents were excepting of everything that she wanted to do. They always said that as long as it made her genuinely happy, they would be right beside her, every step of the way. She was loved, and she knew it.

Nothing happened to make her rebel against what most would consider 'the norm'. Mandee had been an average kid, all the way up until around the age of twelve. She had friends and a little brother, and she made good grades. She just started to change -- simple as that. Mandee began to show up to school in Marilyn Manson t-shirts and 'weird' makeup, and of course, everyone thought she was just a freak. She was never purely angry or depressed, and it took a lot to bring her down. Mandee was just different. It didn't matter to her that no one really wanted to be her friend.

High school hit, and she was still changing constantly. Her family moved to a bigger city in Missouri, and she began to find people that she could relate to, whether it be because of their style or their interests. With the support of her badass parents, Mandee began to get darker and darker, and by her Sophomore year, her style was completely raver goth. Mandee became obsessed with pure gore, and could be found at a rave, covered in fake blood and molded wounds. She was just herself, and no one could take that away. She dated, but not excessively so. She fucked, and she was proudly bisexual. She took party drugs to the point where it would get her high, but not to where it would kill her or something. Everything was good. Then, her father got relocated because of his job.

Moving to California was more odd for her than it was devistating. She was so used to having the average Americans as her peers, and the fake bimbos that went to her new school were nothing like that. At least at her old school, she had people that were like her -- or understood her, even. Not to mention, it was the middle of the year, and she was at completely different places as far as curriculem went. Mandee's parents could tell that she wasn't at all happy. Even if the year was almost over, they didn't want to put her through that anymore. They'd heard about how diverse the students of Lincoln Academy were, and they didn't have to think twice about trying to get her in. Mandee was talented, and everyone she knew her well enough was aware of that.

Naturally, she was quite fucking nervous that people weren't going to except her at Lincoln, either. Fuck that, though, she wasn't gonna change for no one.

Roleplay Example (should be at least one paragraph long, or, alternatively, post a link to a substantial in character journal update): Something about electronica sent shivers down Mandee’s spine. Butterflies with giant cleavers never failed to swarm her tummy and hack away at the delicate flesh as her body writhed in sync with the mass of people around her. Maybe it was the way she felt like she was walking on motherfucking air. Maybe it was the way the world seemed to look so different. Okay, no, this wasn’t some damn fairytale. Mandee was high as shit and bumpin’ n’ grindin’ with every person she could get her hands on. Somewhere in the crowd was the guy she had entered the joint with, but chances were, she’d leave with someone completely different. Synthetic bangs threatened to block her hazy vision, and although she wasn’t the type of girl to stop it, she could swear that the hands on her ass were squeezing just a little too suggestively. Laughing, Mandee spun in the most graceful way (only not), instantly grasping onto the shoulders she found in front of her. “Hey, gorgeous!” she shouted in their ear, grinning. Her speech was definitely slurred. But fuck that, Mandee was having fun, and anyone who didn’t approve could go jump off a damn bridge. She saw swirls everywhere that she looked. She saw vivid purples and greens where vivid purples and greens didn’t exactly occur. The growls from the aggrotech singer kinda scared her. It reminded her of a lion or some fuckin’ crazy thing like that. Mmm, the wonders of acid. Fuck yeah, Mandee was going to have one bad ass night.


“You filthy fuckin’ cunt,” Mandee growled, tightening her lithe fingers around the throat of the whimpering girl beneath her. Choked sobs and sputtered pleas of mercy was the white noise in the air. Mandee wanted blood. She wanted death. Fuck, she wanted it so bad. Clenching her jaw so tight that her entire upper body began to quiver, Mandee released the girl’s neck, only to pry her mouth open wide enough for her to probably wedge her fist into. Then, she saw red. She felt red. She tasted red as she lowered her mouth down and pressed lips to lips against her newly tongueless victim. Crimson body fluids gushed and spurting into Mandee’s mouth, and when she pulled back, all she could then hear was the gurgling of the girl’s restricted cries. The girl beneath her once had a name. The girl beneath her once had a family. The girl beneath her once had a life that she probably loved. Mandee had taken that all away from her, bit by bit. First, her boyfriend. Then, her beloved posse, and later, her entire fucking existence. Then, she was just… The girl beneath her. Mandee didn’t care. Oh, and that was evident. Her giggles were so gleeful. “Hmm, so what do I call you, pet?” she asked, tapping her fingernails against the corpse’s side, straddling it. The body was lifeless. What happened next? Well, let’s just say Mandee… Had a bit of artistic fun with the body parts.

Are you aware that this is a boarding school for the gifted and not a reform school?: Yes.
Do you understand that broken IC rules may result in us asking you to remove your character from the game?: Yes.
Picture of your character:

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Only friends are cool enough, sorry.
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